STAGE/IME Fellowship Application Form

  • STAGE/IME Fellowship for Artists and Scientists: Application Form

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  • Education

    Instructions: Please supply information for all post-secondary education. You will need an electronic copy of your transcripts from each institution. (Write N/A if not applicable.)

    Transcript: Unofficial copies of documents may be submitted if electronic versions of official copies are not available. Official copies of all transcript documents will only be required upon accepting an offer of a fellowship. Note that any material differences between an official transcript and the copy you submit with your application may result in the withdrawal of the offer.

  • Institution Degree Dates Attended Field of Study Cumulative GPA
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  • Video Question

    Instructions: Please make a video of yourself in which you respond to the question directly below. The total length of your video should not exceed 2 minutes. The technical quality of the video is not at all important; we are solely interested in the content of your response. Please say your name at the top of your video.

    Video Question: If selected, what would you hope to learn from being a STAGE/IME Fellowship recipient? Additionally, what qualities, skills, and other attributes would you bring to the STAGE Lab?

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  • Written Questions

    Please answer the following questions in writing. Your written response for question 1 should not exceed 500 words; for question 2, 750 words.

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  • Your Skills

    Please rate your skills in the categories below. You may select more than one option, i.e., if you select “Have Dabbled” you may also wish to select “Want to Learn.”

    Please answer as honestly and objectively as possible. If you respond with "Very Skilled" or "Skilled," please summarize (in a few sentences or bullet points) your training and experience in the box directly below that particular skill.

  • Recommendations

    Three recommendations are required from people familiar with your work; please note that we do not accept letters from personal friends or relatives. Please send the following link to the three people who will be writing recommendations for you: STAGE/IME Fellowship Recommender Form.

  • Applicant Signature

    The University of Chicago is a community of scholars dedicated to research, academic excellence, the pursuit and cultivation of new knowledge, and robust intellectual exchange. In support of this mission, every member of the University makes a commitment to strive for personal and academic integrity; to treat others with dignity and respect; to honor the rights and property of others; to take responsibility for individual and group behavior; and to act as a responsible citizen in a free academic community and in the larger society. Any conduct, on or off campus, of individuals or groups, that threatens or violates this commitment may become a matter for action within the University's system of discipline.

    The University expects any applicant who has been selected but who has not yet assumed their role at the University to have made the same commitment. Official acceptance may be deferred or revoked for fraud, misrepresentation, material omission of fact, dishonesty, violation of University standards in the application process, violation of University academic standards, or any other misconduct.

    By signing below, you signify that ALL of the information you have provided in your application is truthful, complete, and accurate, and that all of the material that you have submitted as your own work, in fact, is entirely your own work.

    I certify that the information that I have provided in my application is truthful, complete, and accurate, and that all of the material that I have submitted as my own work, in fact, is entirely my own work.

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