What Does the STAGE Lab Offer You?

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What Does the STAGE Lab Offer You?
What Will Be the Work of the STAGE/IME Fellows?
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Fellows are provided with a truly unique experience: the chance to be part of a small, exclusive program while engaging in original work under the mentorship and guidance of professionals and University of Chicago faculty. They are given a rare chance to continue their training and receive a stipend as they explore the campus and the broader Chicago community for future employment prospects and/or decide whether they wish to pursue an advanced degree. The fellowship affords numerous opportunities to acquire the professional skills and creative confidence essential to success as graduate students/postdoctoral scholars, and as professionals in academic, industry, nonprofit, government and other diverse careers of one's choosing. In today's dynamic and competitive job market, partcipation extends an advantage in attaining an advanced degree and in the job-seeking process across any field of study and practice.

  • Learning by Doing: Fellows will gain a deep understanding of both the scientific process and of theatre-making. Expanding imaginative and intuitive skills, and learning to think and act spontaneously, are inherent benefits of the Lab's work. Through the art of storytelling, STAGE fosters a clearer understanding of oneself and others, and finding one's own voice. The work process allows participants to discover synergies among their passions, talents and interests.
  • Leadership: Training beyond traditional boundaries provides a foundation critical for communication, engagement and leadership in any profession. Working in an environment in which scientists, engineers and artists collaborate across disciplines leads people to think and work in new ways, provides tools for carving out a unique career track and offers a "leg up" in today's competitive job market.
  • Creative Alliances: The Lab's highly inclusive and interdisciplinary environment catalyzes a collaborative creative community and the development of life-long work partnerships.
  • Innovation: Fellows have access to equipment, software and the tools that let them take technology from an idea to realization. This permits scientists to be creative in a different way, which then stimulates creativity in their scientific practice. It also leads artistic professionals — who may not have access to new technologies or the ability to execute multiple prototypes — to new ways of thinking and doing.
  • Mentorship, Networking and Career Development: Fellows will be given opportunities to network with scholars at the University of Chicago and neighboring institutions, such as the Museum of Science and Industry; the Chicago theatre community; and national and international professional artists and scientists, with the express intent of gaining broad personal exposure. The University of Chicago provides a powerfully stimulating environment in which practical endeavors flourish alongside intellectual pursuits. Fellows are encouraged to take advantage of numerous campus-wide mentorship programs.

Support for fellows is typically in line with other stipends within the Institute for Molecular Engineering. Applicants with their own funding will be additionally supported up to the level of the prevailing STAGE fellowship stipend.

The IME and the STAGE Lab at the University of Chicago grant a certificate in Practical Research at the Intersection of the Arts, Sciences and Technology to all those who complete two years of the fellowship.