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Q: Do I need to reside in Chicago for the fellowship?
A: Yes. The fellowship requires a full-time commitment. As all the work is created collaboratively on the University of Chicago’s campus, fellows are expected to reside in the Chicago area for the duration of the fellowship.

Q: What is the daily schedule like? Can I have a part-time job while also being a fellow with STAGE?
A: The fellowship requires a full-time commitment.

Q: How much is the stipend? Is health insurance included?
A: The current expectation is that the stipend could range anywhere from $33,000-37,000 annually. All fellows will receive the same stipend amount, and recipients will be responsible for any taxes due.  The stipend is the total funding recipients can expect.

Q: Is it a year-round program, or are there breaks during summer and winter?
A: The fellowship is a year-round program. Short breaks are anticipated, particularly around holidays such as Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, but the specific dates for these breaks are not yet established.