We are currently casting for Bend, Fold, Break.
We are also accepting actor submissions for other projects.

The Art of Questionable Provenance

In The Art of Questionable Provenance, the lives of a photojournalist, a neuropathologist, an art forensic expert, and a fortune teller intersect around a bizarre crime. A tale of perception that parallels the functions of the brain and explores critical themes emerging from modern neuroscience, The Art of Questionable Provenance examines how we piece together the stories – real or illusory – of our selves. Do the firings of certain neurons in a particular pattern ultimately determine who we are? The Art of Questionable Provenance is a continuing collaboration with the University of California, Santa Barbara, and its participants include prominent scientists and professional artists.

Bend, Fold, Break

A young scientist, at a critical point in his career, receives notice of a mysterious package left to him by the late mother he never knew. What he finds when he travels to Japan to retrieve his inheritance is much more than he ever could have imagined. Dealing with themes of identity, culture, and heritage, Bend, Fold, Break asks how we define ourselvesas scientists and artists, as individuals, and as family.

A cast breakdown may be found here.

Curiosity: The Making of a Scientist

What drives scientists to push the boundaries of knowledge?
What is their process of discovery?

CURIOSITY is a documentary style web series showing the stories and challenges of scientific inquiry by going into the lives and labs of scientists. The message of the web series is to show the human side of scientists and their view on the intersection of science and society. With this show we hope to encourage public appreciation of science and increase public interaction with scientists. We would also like to show some other aspects of science such as the stages of the careers of scientists: graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and professors; each of these roles have unique challenges and showing these will familiarize the public with the structure of scientific institution and bring the scientist out of their ivory tower. Being mindful of our wide audience we choose the medium of a web series with each episode featuring a different scientist. With this series we aim to create a bridge between the objective space of science, the humans who commit themselves to this discipline, and the general public.

Future Projects

Molecular Gastronomy

molecular gastronomy illustration

Research and experimentation in the kitchen entangled with the personal lives of three famous chefs. 


Symetry illustration

Two women, a critical moment in history, and the fundamental principle of symmetry.